4 Pitfalls of Band-Aid Solutions


For many companies, their number one technology pain point lies in the frustrating realm of “band-aid solutions.” All too often, companies must cobble together platforms, systems, and programs to get the job done, but those pieces just don’t work together smoothly. A single task may require switching between Excel spreadsheets, Access databases, and any number of other tools, while various teams struggle to stay on the same page. Just as a band-aid is not a solution for a broken arm, this is not a sustainable alternative to integrated, modern software.

On a daily basis, disjointed homegrown solutions cause a host of headaches. Here are some of the most common challenges we hear from companies who are tired of dealing with the shortcomings of their existing systems:

1. Data Accuracy

From sales to accounting to management, everyone relies on accurate data. Current, relevant numbers are the basis for informed decision-making regardless of function. Make sure that you are arming your employees with numbers they can trust.

2. Employee Satisfaction

Not only are homegrown solutions notorious time wasters, they’re also morale killers. They affect an employee’s output as well as mindset. A lack of continuity hampers workflow and negatively impacts an employee’s productivity and happiness on a daily basis. Band-aid solutions are hard to use, sometimes even breaking down in the middle of important tasks. Your employees are bound to be more enthusiastic when their daily workflow involves fewer steps, less manual entry, and minimal potential for error. They deserve a solution that is user-friendly and efficient. By alleviating technical headaches, you free them up to focus on what is really important.

3. Customer Relationships

Disparate systems cause confusion and inaccuracy. When things fall through the cracks, customers may be the first to lose out. If their billing is off and an account manager lacks visibility into the issue, they could decide to find a competitor with more ease of doing business. Customer retention is almost always less costly than customer acquisition, so technology that preserves your relationships is an investment in your bottom line.

4. Complacency

We know that the prospect of a tech overhaul is daunting. Of course transitions are scary, and after all, maybe your current setup seems fine for now. So, why go through all the trouble? At the end of the day, the benefits far outweigh the difficulties. Instead of just getting by with a system with tenuous stability, allow yourself to operate on a platform that sets you up for growth, innovation, and long-term success.

– – –

Messy systems are the broken arms of the corporate world. Yes, it may be easier to reach for band-aids in the first aid kit than to go see a doctor. But getting actual treatment will help you be healthy and successful in the long-term. If those pitfalls resonate with you, our customer Resolute Industrial was in the same boat! The company’s units all ran on disparate systems, and no band-aid was going to fix that! In our case study, learn more about how Infor Service Management was the solution they needed.