Can you believe 2017 is already half over? Since our theme this year is “Ready for Takeoff,” at this point we are at our cruising altitude, and that’s a good opportunity to unwind and reflect a bit (seat belts optional).

As a company, we are following the book Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business by Gino Wickman. It outlines how to approach ubiquitous business hurdles and emphasizes how every team member should be tracking something and be on the same page about the company’s underlying goals.

Traction is structured around the Entrepreneurial Operating System®, which outlines practical steps for creating a healthy business and realizing your corporate vision. The six components are Vision, People, Data, Process, Issues, and Traction. We know our Vision: building a thriving business that provides a better quality of life for our employees, customers and our community.

This year, we’ve tackled documenting and improving our Process, as well as identifying Issues, the obstacles that we face in executing our vision. People has also been a huge focus for us, too – not only in relation to our current staff, but also making the right new hires. We are thrilled to have a growing team!

At the end of Q1, we felt pretty confident about our progress as an organization. Our Traction – setting Goals and having accountability to them – was on track. However, while we were comfortable with which KPIs and critical numbers to measure in regards to Data, this part of the exercise entailed diving into the details. That’s when we realized that some areas of the business were over-achieving… and some others were under-achieving. In Q2, rather than simply being complacent by looking at the organization’s net successes, we opted to dig deeper. Between Infor Service Management’s Critical Numbers feature and a new Product we are developing called PULSE, we had the opportunity to look at each business unit and work on the areas that were straggling.

By monitoring critical numbers, setting goals, and having accountability business unit by business unit, Single Source has made strides in the success of our employees, customers, and as a unified organization. We’re happy to take a moment to lean our seats back and enjoy the in-flight entertainment, but does that mean we’re done? No way! We’ll never stop thinking about the opportunities and the challenges waiting just beyond the horizon…