The fall release of IncentViz, our cloud-based solution for commissions management, is out! With our regular releases we’ve continued to optimize, enhance, and expand IncentViz’s ease of use and function. With our Fall 2018 release, you’ll find UI enhancements, a few bug fixes, and for users of CSI 9.00.x, 9.01.x, and 10.x, an automated AP integration.

IncentViz is one of more than twenty products, modules, and interfaces we’ve designed to help our customers get more out of their ERP investment. With our extensive experience as both the developer of ERP software and the team leading customers through their ERP deployments, we have a unique perspective inside and outside the technology. Through this experience, we recognized the urgent need for additional functionality around commissions management.

Save Time, Increase Productivity

We believed there were too many spreadsheets, too many disparate data sets, too much double entry and far too much time required on checking, verifying and correcting data points across multiple departments. We also saw that there was not nearly enough easy visibility into quotas and status, nor enough flexibility in setting up commission programs, and not enough ability to customize views based on position, department, or preferences. Our customers told us that these limitations were resulting in lost time, productivity, and accuracy in their planning, tracking, and administration of commissions. With our customers as our inspiration, we created IncentViz.

Easy to Install, Easy to Use

Interfacing directly with the ERP platform, IncentViz fosters a trusted, single version of the truth across the organization, provides near real-time visibility, access, and updates to all participants, automates incentive calculation, allows for flexibility in program set-up by region and product line, and more. It’s easy to install, has a user-friendly interface and experience, and an integrates with most ERP systems through our custom API, which means most of our customers get up and running in weeks.

With Fall 2018 release, we’ve expanded yet again the value of IncentViz while holding the price steady.  If you are interested in more information, want to sign-up for a demo or are ready to take advantage of our free thirty-day trial period, we’re here for you.