No two field service management companies are alike.   Some have simple service offerings, others can be infinitely more complicated.  With the Field Service Industry Pack, users of the Acumatica Field Service module can configure Service Orders and Service Contracts to ensure all materials used, and service performed, occurs in the proper sequence.   This feature also provides margin analysis at a more detailed level to identify products and services that are profitable, and those that are not.

  • Build a WBS with the use of Service Order/Contract Lines & Operations

  • Associate Service Order Lines with a specific piece of Equipment to be installed or repaired

  • Assign and perform specific Operations in a specific sequence for specific piece(es) of Equipment

  • Stop work before a project overrun occurs with the Not to Exceed feature

  • Validate the use of Customer PO # on a Service Order or Service Contract

Field Service Industry Pack

Agreement Designer for Acumatica

Scope of work, Service Level Agreements, Purchasing or Delivery Compliance language, Change Order Agreements, Disclaimers & Warranties, can all be developed and rendered with embedded data from supported document types within Acumatica. 

  • Embed legal or contractual text with data extracted from supported Acumatica document types 

  • Create the content once and re-use multiple times with re-useable templates 

  • Create unlimited templates and attach unlimited agreements 

  • Supports Projects, Subcontracts, Sales, Service, and Purchase Orders and other Acumatica document types 

Agreement Designer

Questionnaire Designer for Acumatica

Inspections, Punch Lists, Surveys, Checklists, Evaluations. Any time a list of questions is needed to capture data, it can be done with the Questionnaire Designer. These too can be rendered with embedded data from supported document types within Acumatica.  Capture answers and results at the desktop and on a mobile device as well! 

  • Build lists of unlimited questions that support multiple data type responses 

  • Group and sequence questions and assemble them into re-useable templates 

  • Create inspections, surveys, punch lists, or checklists for any part of the business 

  • Associate and attached the survey or inspection to Projects, Service, Purchase, Production Orders, and other Acumatica document types 

  • Deploy the questionnaire via mobile for field-based data collection  

Questionnaire Designer

Productivity Tools Bundle for Acumatica

Enhance the power and user experience of Acumatica with Productivity Tools from Single Source Systems. Offered as a full product suite or as individual modules, this product gives Acumatica users of every industry edition additional functionality needed to meet business requirements and improve efficiencies.

  • Agreement Designer

  • Questionnaire Designer

Productivity Tool Bundle for Acumatica

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