Steris is a global leader in infection prevention and surgical technologies based in the US and serving clients around the world. Leaders of the North American Service organization wanted to create buzz and momentum for their implementation of UP! Your Service (UYS) education. On the second floor at corporate headquarters, over 400 staff from the internal service support groups sit in a large, wide-open space. These employees handle calls and inquiries from customers and field service technicians all across North America. They are “the heartbeat of service” at Steris.

Steris office with no balloons flying....yet.

Steris began providing UYS education for the company by focusing on these internal support teams. As each team completed the service course, every team member received 2 helium-filled balloons, in Steris brand colors, to float above their workstation.

Steris balloons begin to fly

As the number of balloons gradually grew throughout the large workspace, employees began to take notice ask about the service education. “How do I get my balloon?” And leaders began to take notice and asked how soon their own staff could complete the training. “When can my team get our balloons?” Even reluctant leaders began to feel the pressure of being left behind.

Steris balloons in full flight!

Soon over 200 staff had completed the UYS course and more teams were pressing to attend. Then leaders from other divisions were asking for UYS education, and even customers began hearing positive buzz about the program.

This simple strategy of uplifting recognition gave employees a sense of pride about their company’s focus on service. The visible and growing display of balloons was a reminder of the importance of service in daily interactions, and a celebration of the company, the team, and each individual’s service commitment. We live in a high-tech world, but sometimes old fashioned balloons are just what we need to uplift service!

Mark English, VP North America Service, celebrating Uplifting Service Education with Steris team members

What uplifting ideas do you use to promote service education and service improvements where you work?

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