Here at Single Source, we take pride in our culture and the family we’ve created. Our company has been around for a long time, and so have many of our employees! However, that doesn’t mean we can stagnate rather than continuing to evolve and improve. In fact, we haven’t always been perfect when it comes to human resources. Especially when everyone is heads down working hard, it can be difficult to give employee-centric efforts the TLC they deserve.

We realized we were guilty of not giving our new hires a clear onboarding process to best get them up to speed, and this gap started creating some frustrations. An employee’s first 90 days are a critical time to introduce them to the team, help them understand the company values, and prepare them for their role. And of course, even the most independent company veterans need support and feedback.

It’s our goal to not only hire the right people that fit our company’s personality but also to retain the great employees that we already have. That’s why, over the last two quarters, we took a step back to rework our hiring process, onboarding, and employee evaluation practices. A crucial ingredient was adding more structure to these programs. Sometimes things like this can be more informal in smaller companies, but having concrete guidelines is valuable and repeatable.

We have already had a positive response from the team on our new evaluations, which better tracks progress toward goals. Also, we’ve launched our new onboarding process! Single Source has been growing fast, adding four new hires over the summer:

  • Gordon Smith – Manager of Education
  • Graham Peterson – Business Consultant
  • Ethan Kegley – Software Developer
  • Conner Walters – Software Developer

We’re glad these folks have joined us and look forward to many years with them! So far, their feedback is that the onboarding went very well. We are excited to have these new and improved employee programs in place to make our company and culture even better.