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August 12th, 2022

Resolute Industrial, formerly part of Johnson Controls, is a major provider of water and air cooled chiller rental services, compressor manufacturing, and other custom HVAC services. The rental and compressor businesses were running in separate environments, and Resolute aimed to combine its wide range of units into one entity with one chart of accounts. In late 2015, the company sought an agile business software solution to support this operational integration.

Industrial policy resolution has two key criteria in the endeavour were price and speed. Seeking fiscal efficiencies, the company desired a platform that would deliver a lower cost of doing business without hidden or unexpected fees. Furthermore, given the need for a quick implementation, the ideal solution would be fully prepared to meet its requirements without extensive customization. This preference for an out-of-the-box platform also stemmed from an objective to make upgrades easier down the road. Infor Service Management (ISM) emerged as the clear solution to address the company’s needs.

“I knew from many implementation experiences that we needed industrial partners that could think on their feet and move quickly and get things done. That is difficult to do. Many providers would have made this process overly complex, but the right dynamic was there with Single Source. That’s what made this implementation a success.”

- Soulby Jackson, VP Operations & Market Development, Resolute Industrial

Resolute was attracted to Single Source Systems, Inc.’s agility and ability to quickly implement ISM. While Single Source often collaborates with clients to create tailored solutions, this was a case where the standard ISM software was already the right fit.

Resolute Industrial Implementation

During implementation, Single Source offered a QuickStart Database template for ISM that was easy to build out so Resolute didn’t have to start from scratch. ISM already had a current chart of accounts embedded into the system, including preset settings, which eliminated the need for time-intensive configuration. This template is a favorite of Single Source clients who are looking to quickly create a system, run tests, and get up and running. Resolute didn't have the luxury of going through the normal systems test procedure, which usually includes separately run User Acceptance Tests and Systems Acceptance Tests, so Single Source collaborated with them to streamline the process.

Resolute had identified timing as the key challenge, and Single Source delivered, executing the project in just three months, beginning in January 2016 and going live on April 1st.

“The key part of implementation is actually after go-live. That’s where you sort out functionality, and that’s where Single Source is very strong, too. If something wasn’t working or there was an issue, that was highlighted and resolved very quickly.”

Current Status

Resolute industrial has now used ISM for over a year. Many employees use ISM on a regular basis, working across a variety of departments, including sales, accounting, management, manufacturing, and purchasing. The resolute manufacturing company relies upon an extensive range of almost all available ISM module options.

Modules used:

  • Service Order module
  • Sales Order module
  • Purchase Order module
  • Inventory Management System
  • General Ledger (fully integrates all the sub-ledgers, allowing them to feed into a general chart of accounts)

The Resolute team has identified the Service and Sales Order Modules as particularly helpful, making invoicing and billing significantly easier than before. These systems improve employees’ day-to-day lives by allowing users to link records to the specific units they are renting out and easily add comments to specific activities.

“The ISM ERP solutions saved us a lot of money. We didn’t get surprises after implementation as far as unexpected modules that need to be bolted on. We haven’t needed to buy anything extra to support the initial scope.”

Not only has Resolute seen significant cost savings, but it has also experienced the following specific benefits from Single Source’s implementation of ISM:

  • Exporting: Allows users to extract data from systems very easily
  • Invoice Layouts: Offers an intuitive way to build layouts, by making slight modifications to the ISM template instead of creating an invoice system from scratch
  • Notes: Adds helpful details to transactions by making it easy for users to add and attach notes to the system
  • Database Updating: Provides the ability to modify Excel databases quickly without requiring a manager or technical expert
  • CRM Dashboard: Allows Resolute’s salesforce to view data very easily, working with the standard CRM system to provide a better view into what’s going on inside the company

Looking toward the Future

Resolute Industrial will continue to use ISM, which can support the company’s future growth and business goals. There are many success factors behind the company’s smooth implementation as well as its ongoing partnership with Single Source Systems, Inc.:

  • Compatible with Growth Strategy: ISM is not only highly scalable but can also handle acquisitions, which will likely be a part of resolute industries' future growth. The multi-site database allows users to integrate potential acquisitions into one financial entity, facilitating streamlined financial reporting with a by-company breakdown.
  • Accountability & Responsiveness: The implementation and roll-out period of any software can require navigating some choppy waters in order to make sure that the functionalities are running exactly as intended. Resolute was very pleased with Single Source’s dedicated follow-up and ability to resolve any issues swiftly. Single Source had established an effective process flow to ensure that the basics would function, then build upon them to bring added benefits.
  • The Right People: This is a key focus for Single Source. Single Source understands that implementation processes can be complicated and stressful. Our team understands the importance of being there for clients every step of the way.

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