Flourishing Fishers: 4 Exciting Developments

October 23rd, 2017

Keeping you updated on product developments is important, but we also like giving you a taste of what’s been going on in our neck of the woods. Single Source has been based in Fishers, Indiana since its founding in 1985. We have always been proud of our town, and now we are excited to welcome some new businesses into the neighborhood. Here are a few recent additions that have added some energy and activity to our corner of the world:


After much anticipation and a giveaway-filled grand opening on October 11th, IKEA Fishers is now öppen! Not only is it the first one in the state, but it also features some newer layout concepts. Overall, the development should be great for the area, bringing in countless visitors and paving the road for future growth. With this behemoth store (the size of five football fields!) just a stone's throw away from our office, we admit to being a bit concerned about the sudden influx of traffic. But that is the price we are willing to pay for being mere blocks away from the furniture and design giant that is perhaps Sweden’s best export.


If you thought IKEA's giant blue and yellow building was hard to miss, just wait till you see the towering nets of Topgolf! After its recent opening on October 13th, we are happy to welcome this entertaining outlet to the neighborhood. Given its late hours (open 7 days a week, until midnight or later) we now have another great spot to unwind after work. As a few of us can already attest, Topgolf is a fun place to hit some balls, grab a bite, or watch a game on TV. We think this could be a great choice for our next team-building event, company party, or client outing!


Portillo’s, it is nice to finally ‘meet’ you, too!  This famous Chicago restaurant has expanded, opening up its latest location in our area. While Portillo’s does have over 50 locations nationwide, mostly in the Chicagoland area, we are excited to be among the first in Indiana. The long and mouth-watering wait was made longer when Hurricane Irma caused delays in receiving essential restaurant equipment. But now, the only difficulty will be choosing between the Chicago-style hot dogs, Italian beef sandwiches, burgers, salads, legendary chocolate cake, and more.

Launch Fishers

We are proud of everything that Fishers has done to encourage local business, which has been recognized in Time Magazine. These efforts include investing in “Launch Fishers” – a 52,000 square-foot co-working space “designed to give entrepreneurs and tech startups a place to grow while also providing networking and business events.” Recent events include the weekly “Fishers Code & Coffee” Thursday meet-ups and the annual “Fail Fest.” Here at Single Source, we are glad to be part of an environment that encourages innovation and attracts entrepreneurial talent to the area.

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