Connect Your Commissions Management To Your ERP

With IncentViz by Single Source, you get a cloud-based commissions management software that integrates directly with your business solution.

  • Currently supported Infor’s CloudSuite™Industrial (SyteLine), Infor CloudSuite™Field Service, and Sage Software’s Sage 500.
  • Standard Excel export/import utility.
  • Don’t see your Business Solution / ERP listed? Call us to explore integration options.
  • Real-time visibility to goals, commissions and payments.

  • Single version of truth across the organization.

  • Reduced labor, re-entry & errors.

  • Quarterly product releases.

  • Easy implementation & onboarding.

  • Automated AP Integration for CloudSuite Industrial.

Value Across The Organization


  • Real time connection to actual sales data

  • Time savings & improved data quality.

  • Foster common goals across organization.


  • Limit use of spreadsheets.

  • Stop double entry and re-work.

  • Reduce data errors.


  • Real-time tracking of goals.

  • Visibility into payments past, present, and future.

  • Increase confidence in numbers.

Easy access to real-time data with views customized by role.

Easy To Use Real-Time Visibility

The interface of IncentViz is designed to be a quick and efficient tool with minimal training and guidance necessary. Onboarding is a low stress transition as IncentViz integrates easily with Infor CloudSuite solutions, Sage, and other popular ERP systems.

Goodbye spreadsheets, hello IncentViz

A Focus on The Customer

February 5th, 2019|

Change. We’re all in the process of navigating our way through more significant change than we personally have ever experienced. Whereas the 3rd industrial revolution brought us substantial advancements to the technologies we use,

SUN Conference + SSL Roundtable

February 1st, 2019|

As many of you know, the SUN (Syteline User Network) Conference is just around the corner.Taking place from February 25th – 27th at Bally’s in Las Vegas, this conference is a must attend for us.

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