IT and Leadership Buy-ins:

April 30th, 2021

If your business is considering implementing a Modern-Cloud Business Management solution, you already know that your journey will be a time-consuming, multi-step process. It starts with researching and evaluating your options before selecting the right solution.   

However, your journey should begin with your company's IT and leadership teams' approval. Long before implementation, leadership buy-in is crucial to any organizational change.   

In general, big ideas will never reach their potential unless the team is supportive, says Dr. John Kotter, an author, thought leader, and Harvard professor. "Our research shows that 70% of all organizational change efforts fail, and one reason for this is executives simply don't get enough buy-in from enough people for their initiatives and ideas," he says.   

While this comment revolves around failure because of the lack of organization and C-suite buy-ins, the same is true in implementing Business Software Solutions without the support of your IT team. Their support is the only way an ERP implementation will ever come to light for your organization.   

An implementation requires three significant factors; a champion, manpower, and staff support, and all of them require leadership. So what are these significant roles, you may be asking?   

A Champion is the primary go-to head of the project. They keep the initiatives moving forward and come from the company's leadership team. The leadership provides the people and financial approval throughout the implementation process. And staff buy-ins are directly influenced by the project's leadership teams' support. Therefore, if leadership support is missing, organizational buy-in is unlikely. And IT buy-in can make or break an implementation project before it ever kicks off.   

 Now you know how critical the support from leadership and IT are to your project's success, but how do you get it?   

 First, know your data, and do your homework. You must be able to relay why your company needs a modern solution. Show a thorough look at the company's ROI and provide a list containing the specific benefits and features of your solution related to your organization. And always remember that leadership loves data! Having access to data is crucial for making informed business decisions on operational efficiencies and investments.   

 Second, understand that there are risks, but don't shy away from them. As you gain knowledge such as costs, licensing, implementation, training, and maintenance, you must prepare for pushback.  There will be people within your organization and IT leaders who hear the facts and see the data but may not see and support the need for organizational change based on the complexity of an implementation project. Being prepared for negatives and knowing how to overcome them, and being open to your IT and leadership teams' concerns will help you keep the communication lines open.   

Third, turn to your IT team during your research phase. They will have insight and expertise to help you through your project's steps. Ask them for their recommendations on ERP options, and they will appreciate being part of the decision, which goes a long way in obtaining their support.   

The road to a successful ERP implementation may have conflicts, but identifying them can be good for your project's success.   

Says Dr. Kotter: "Conflict engages. Conflict shakes people up and gets them to pay attention in a novel way. This gives you the opportunity to say why your idea really is valuable and explain it in a way that wins over hearts and minds—securing their commitment to implementing the solution."   

Businesses that embrace a new way to operate through the power of technology are ensuring business continuity and connection no matter the challenges they face—companies who have not are struggling with workforce mobility and telework scenarios.   

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