2021 Acumatica Summit - Single Source Systems

July 26th, 2021

Single Source Systems is investing in the future of our company and, more importantly, our customers. Our entire management and sales team had the opportunity to travel to the Wynn Resort in Las Vegas for the 2021 Acumatica Summit. We gained so much knowledge during our week in Vegas. Still, more importantly, we confirmed without a reasonable doubt that the Acumatica ERP solution is the future of business software and aligns perfectly with the Single Source Mission statement, “To deliver services, solutions, and software to help our customers get the most out of their investments in technology.”

Throughout the years, as technology has evolved, Single Source has always tried to stay in front of ever-changing technology options to ensure we are providing the best investment options for our customers, which is why we partnered with Acumatica, to begin with. However, as software as a service has overtaken the world, a modern cloud-based business management solution is no longer a thought in the field service industry. It’s a requirement.

Here at Single Source, we specialize in software service to businesses focused on all things equipment, from buying, servicing, installing, and even the rental of equipment. We consider ourselves as THE thought leader in the industry with more than 25 years of experience. But beyond when we started our education in this industry, I realized one significant element of the Single Source Team. People rarely leave the organization willingly! And although before meeting everyone in person, in Las Vegas, I understood this at the surface, it was reinforced when I took a moment to add up some numbers. Our company, from the original founder, and CEO of Single Source, Tony Petrucciani, to our current President, Marty Rhodes, to our Controller, Terri Smith, to our Director of Professional Services Tom Cavanaugh, to our Director of Product Development Jeff Smith, to the Manager of Product Development Jeff Bozovich, to all of the programmers, marketers, technical consultants, etc. our company holds over 150 years of industry knowledge within our target market!

Meeting our CEO, Tony Petrucciani, and our President, Marty Rhodes, at the 2021 Acumatica Summit for the first time made the realization a reality…Single Source Systems is ALL in with the Acumatica ERP Solution. And it shows through in every avenue of our business, starting with the fact that our entire management team stepped away from our day-to-day business to attend the Summit in person! As the newly added Sales and Marketing consultant, I began to ask myself why. Why is this event so crucial to Single Source, and how does this align with our mission? And attending the Summit answered these questions.

After each day, our team completed a round table discussion on each of our findings for the day, and it blew my mind some of the things I heard.

Jeff Smith, Director of Product Development: “It’s nice to be around people who are positive about what is going on compared to other conferences I have attended in the last few years. People are excited to be developing for the platform and excited to offer the solution.”

Tony Petrucciani, CEO: “You begin to realize after being in the business for as long as I have that there is a small network of people that come to events like these. And it is such a relief to hear that everyone in my network is happy to be here. In past events, you find that people come to these types of conferences to find solutions to problems they are facing in the industry. But with the Acumatica Summit, everyone I spoke to is happy to be here, excited about the product, and come here to actually broaden their network and hear about exciting changes coming to the solution.”

Jeff Bozovich, Manager of Product Development, “Of the development sessions I went to, the coolest and best thing was seeing the updated development platform and what they are investing into it.”

Tom Cavanaugh, “What amazed me is that Acumatica has over 8000 customers worldwide, with a very high level of customer satisfaction, with 99.996% uptime, and over 4.8 billion transactions that were processed through the Acumatica Cloud last year. So, I asked myself, how many transactions is that daily? It averages 13,150,684 transactions daily, and Acumatica did it with 0 security or crypto-ransomware insistences. That just amazes me!”

And to me, the sales and marketing consultant with Single Source Systems, who has had extensive exposure to the partner marketing materials provided by Acumatica, sitting around these round table discussions made me realize one major takeaway, my coworkers experienced the Acumatica Value Proposition through the Summit!

  1. Access Anytime, Anywhere, on Any Device
  2. Digital Transformation
  3. Open Architecture/Rapid Integrations
  4. Flexible Deployment Options
  5. Modern Security
  6. Growth-Friendly Licensing
  7. Usability
  8. Best-in-Class Functionality

The bigger picture is a huge eye-opener as I listen to what my co-workers said about the Acumatica Platform. People that aren’t familiar with their marketing and sales content. To hear this through the eyes of people who have gathered the same value proposition through the experience at the Acumatica Summit and conversing with the partner network and customers, as I have over the last six months from reviewing sales pitches, and PowerPoint decks, and marketing slicks!

In the last six months working with Single Source, I have repeatedly heard that Acumatica is our future, and we are all in. Of course, I believed it based on what I heard from all our employees. Still, it wasn’t until after this week in Vegas that I began to feel it and realize the passion behind it. The Acumatica ERP solution is the future of Single Source Systems, the future of our target market, and aligns perfectly with what the Single Source team has practiced for over 35 years as a thought-leader in our industry, “We are here, with the power of Acumatica, to help our customers make the most out of their investments in technology!”

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