Ways Service Companies can Transform their Organizations:

May 14th, 2021

The quick adoption of technology in a very digital era helps service companies drive more leads, the result is? More B2C and B2B sales!   

B2B buyers are 70% through their buying process before connecting with a business. As a result, service-based suppliers shift to a digital, data-driven sales approach. Understanding your buyer's needs and approaching their issues early in the sales process will allow businesses to fill in these gaps with valuable content directly related to the industry pain points long before the sales conversation happens. Being top of mind for your audience will help them gain confidence in buying. So the question is, how do you do this? Technology.   

 Having access to a companywide CRM will help your sales and marketing develop a more direct sales process early in the buying process, generally without your lead even knowing it. Based on a recent survey completed by Vantage Point Performance and the Sales Management Association, 44% of business executives and owners feel their company is ineffective in managing their sales pipelines. If your organization only focuses on the last 30% of the buying process, you are late to the game.   

Having an effective CRM in place drives statistics and allows businesses to develop a sales and marketing strategy around data. As a result, you will save time and resources by being more efficient, utilizing better time management, process automation, real-time data to understand your pipeline, and clear transparency across all departments, especially sales and marketing.   

And don't forget commission calculators! Money is a massive motivator in any sales and marketing role. Providing a straightforward, transparent approach to your commission model to users will drive sales. Painting an easy to read if this, then that image will drive your commission-based roles to produce more results. Coupled with an effective CRM will motivate your sales and marketing team to know when a business is on the verge of a possible decision. Data willfully allows them to see when the time is just right to nurture a lead, not too early, but not too late.   

Single Source Systems has the tools and industry knowledge to drive results utilizing technology. We have ERP solutions to fit any business need and budget. These solutions can provide data to drive results, effective CRM platforms to manage leads throughout the buying process, automation tools to help drive a great customer experience, and department transparency to provide more effective operations.   

We also offer additional technology solutions like IncentViz to better track and payout commissions. This technology solution can be custom configured to calculate commissions for any business model. As a result, we drive motivation within your sales and marketing team and create a more positive customer experience.   

We have specialized in technology solutions to help build efficient business operations for more than 35 years. We offer several in-house software options and numerous partnerships to ensure we can meet every service company's needs. From the very beginning of trying to find the right solutions to implementation to added technology solutions and complete education and training tools to ensure your business is getting the most out of your solution.   

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Shantell Carman


Sales and Marketing Development

Single Source Systems, Inc.

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