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Connecting new ERP software to the business in the most effective and productive way possible is a challenge when you don’t yet know what you don’t yet know. Too often, during early phases of implementation, business stakeholders and subject matter experts are tasked with answering questions for which they might not yet have all the information nor enough of the context to answer. They may struggle to effectively answer questions around how the ERP might match their business, or a process should work, or the way data should be organized without first having a working understanding of the new software.

Developed specifically for Infor CloudSuite Field Service, by developers with more than thirty years of experience, Service School by Single Source gives you and your team the ability to understand, engage with, and activate your ERP implementation earlier in the process.

Integrated into Single Source’s Milestone Methodology, The Service School by Single Source features three components to help business leaders and project stakeholders engage with Infor CloudSuite Field Service early in the implementation process.

Foundation Education

On-demand and self-paced learning using The Service School’s 130+ videos. You’ll cover the base functionality of CSFS, including Financials, Procurement, Systems Administration, Call Center, Fulfillment, and Reporting.

Configuration & Functional Workshops

One of our Enablement experts will remotely provide assisted learning as you custom configure your CSFS database. You’ll learn about the application set-up of the base system and have the option to choose other process flows that reflect your company’s operations.

Enablement Workshops

Enablement workshops are available should you want to explore additional process flows or enable your team with add on products such as Mobile and Service Portals.

The Only Learning & Onboarding Software For Infor CloudSuite Field Service

It makes sense that as the original developers of much of the functionality of Infor CloudSuite Field Service, we would be the team to develop a learning and onboarding tool. In addition to our connection to the original software, our ongoing work with Infor CloudSuite Field Service (Infor Service Management) informed our work as we developed The Service School.

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Accelerate your implementation today.

Get more from your Infor CloudSuite Field Service implementation with The Service School by Single Source.

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