What’s New in ISM 5.20

June 20th, 2016

Between Infor Service Management 5.20 and Mongoose 9.02.20, some exciting capabilities and improvements are now available! Here is an overview of the new features and their benefits courtesy of Infor:


  • Awareness of current schedules could eliminate unnecessary trips and appointment reschedules
  • Need to be respectful of both the customer's schedule and technician commitments
  • Ability to set regular meetings or activities with customers to increase touchpoints

CRM (embedded module)

  • Reduce training effort by keeping the Salesperson in the CRM module only
  • Easily upsell products or services by providing extended contract quote
  • Keep a record of quote history through revision tracking
  • Raised awareness of Expiring Warranties and Contracts
  • Backward compatible

Service Mobile

  • Leverage the most trusted resources to generate opportunities
  • Reduce service to cash and improve customer satisfaction
  • Reduce inventory costs on slow-moving parts by enabling in-field purchases

Counter Sales

  • Ability to manage walk-up sales – extends the pitch of ISM's all-encompassing
  • When the Credit Card interface is implemented; eliminates collection obstacles

Revenue and Invoice Milestones

  • Line up revenue recognition with cost– smoother financial picture
  • Recognize revenue at different intervals than invoicing; predetermined deliverables
  • Invoice fixed amounts on set dates or calculated values based on a percentage of the total estimate, planned, or actual cost


  • Baseline to compare if a business is slowing or growing
  • Assists with proactive resource decisions to hire/contract in peak
  • Reduce unnecessary inventory purchases as business slows

Dimensional Accounting

  • More granule analysis of financials
  • Reduce modification and impact on IT

Image Storage & Display

  • Image file drag and drop
  • Pictures captured by Service Technician
  • And more!

Mongoose Release 9.02 Highlights

Infor Mongoose is the framework on which a number of applications have been built or adapted. This document highlights the new features and capabilities incorporated into Mongoose Release 9.02, as compared with earlier versions of Mongoose.

These are some highlights of the changes in version 9.02:

  • A new FlexLayout component for forms that allows you to create much more flexible layouts for forms and enhance the look and feel of your consumer-oriented applications.
  • An abundance of improvements and enhancements to the data views, DataSearch, and Critical Numbers features. Among other things, these enhancements make it easier to quickly create reports for one-time or multiple uses.
  • Many enhancements and improvements to both Form Sync and Form Control.
  • An updated user interface, along with a general core form cleanup.
  • New adaptations for cloud usage and web client presentation.
  • A simplified process for performing update and upgrade installations.
  • A new Infocon component for forms, that provides enhanced presentation of and access to tile forms.
  • Multiple enhancements to both the New Form Wizard and the New Data Maintenance Wizard, to make them both more powerful and more flexible.

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