A Focus on The Customer

February 5th, 2019

Change. We’re all in the process of navigating our way through more significant change than we personally have ever experienced. Whereas the 3rd industrial revolution brought us substantial advancements to the technologies we use, the 4th industrial revolution is changing the way we compete, engage, transact, and measure. We all feel it, personally and professionally. Whether it’s our organization, the field service and manufacturing customers we serve, or their customers, we’re all facing the reality that we must shift and respond or get left behind. It is true that change has always been with us, but this time it feels different.

Our Way Forward


It’s bigger and tougher than before and unfortunately, some won’t make it. They won’t be able to balance the concurrent demands for rigor and agility, technological investment and efficiency gains, or short-term results with long-term planning. With this as our collective new reality, as we were working through our strategy planning, we asked ourselves, “What is our way forward?” “Where do data, AI, analytics, automation, cloud, or even digital transformation fit in?”

The answer for us is that of course the ever-growing list of technological innovations; is part of what we must now address, but it isn’t what we’re chasing. In fact, while the environment is certainly different, what inspires and focuses us hasn’t changed for 30 years. Quite simply, our customer. In other words, our value is in how we leverage our experience, technological innovation, and processes to understand, lead, and support our customers as we collectively walk to and through the 4th industrial revolution.

The Customer

We know that for many of our customers, technology is moving from an enabler to a point of strategic differentiation. As their technology partner, we’re taking our responsibility in helping them get there very seriously. We’ve added to our professional services team and will continue to enhance and expand our capabilities, processes, and procedures. We believe this will help our customers focus less on deploying the technology and more on making the deployment meaningful for their businesses. By expanding our product development team, we expect to deliver more products, tools, and integrations that better connect our customers’ investment in technology to the unique needs of their business. And by adding to our sales and marketing teams, we’re expanding our ability to support our existing customers, bring their voices into our business, and better connect with them on their journey.

Some Things Don't Change

“…I want a good product but I also want someone that recognizes me for me, that I know they care about me and they want to help me succeed. They don’t want to sell me something, they want to help me make my company better.”

–Bob Sechriest, Watchfire Signs, Single Source Customer


We couldn’t agree more. We just finished our annual company meeting, The Single Source Way 2019, The Vision, The Work, The Future. We spent two days with our team establishing our priorities and goals for 2019 with just a bit of celebration for what was accomplished in 2018. Yes, we talked a lot about the impact of technology, but we talked more about the customer. What they are facing, what they are needing from their technology partners, how everyone in our organization touches and influences their business, and what we are doing to deliver for them in 2019 and beyond. Two of our customers were kind enough to join us, share a bit about their business, and connect with the entire Single Source team. I can’t imagine a better way to reinforce the importance of building our work, our capabilities, and our technologies to continue to serve them.

Much has changed since we wrote our passion statement nearly ten years ago, but it remains as true today.

“Our passion is to build a thriving business that provides a better quality of life for our employees, customers, and our community.”

We are all facing some strong headwinds as we steer towards the future, but I think, Single Source is ready and our entire team is on board. We appreciate your business and look forward to 2019 filled with change, challenges, and progress.

Cory Rhodes
Single Source Systems, Inc.

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