Meet Jeff, Single Source's Director of Product Development!

April 25th, 2017

Have you met Jeff? He's our Director of Product Development, and he's been with Single Source for 19 years - his one and only job after college! He and his wife Carrie met at Anderson University, where they both studied Computer Science. They actually both interned and worked at Single Source until Carrie decided to stay at home with their children, Skylar, Josiah, and Kelita. The family is active in Scouts and very outdoorsy, taking any opportunity to camp, canoe, hike, or bike.

Jeff and his family also have a geeky side. The family recently enjoyed a magical vacation at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios, and Jeff ran his sons' Lego League, in which they built robots for competitions. Also, like many geeks, they celebrate March 14th (Pi Day) and May 4th (May the Fourth be with you).

All Single Source employees fill out a questionnaire about their favorite things that we use to make a "nameplate." Check out Jeff's nameplate below, along with his answers about working at Single Source!

What's your favorite part of your job?

Helping customers solve complex problems. Getting to a solution is very rewarding!

What's your philosophy regarding your approach to your work?

I try to live by the Work Hard/Play Hard philosophy. When working, I put all my effort into it so that when the work is done I can enjoy my family and personal time not having to worry as much about unfinished tasks at work.

What's the most important career lesson you've learned?

To try and listen to what customers need, not necessarily what they are asking for and try and solve the actual root causes of the problems they are having not just the specific issue they are bringing to us. There have been many times where I have been asked to do something to work around an issue or get past something that, while we could have just done that, in the end, the customer is much happier with fixing the root cause of the issue and thus solving a lot of issues, not just one little one.

Any cool client moments that stick out in your mind?

Being told by a customer that their lives and jobs are easier because of the software we have developed is great. Especially as we have been implementing IncentViz for several customers, the sound of joy in their voices as they see it working and how much time they are getting back is awesome!


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