What Exactly is Digital Transformation?

April 15th, 2021

We all have heard it; many of us have talked about it, but do we fully understand it? Is digital transformation upgrading my office equipment? Is it implementing electronic processes instead of filing paper forms? Or is digital transformation just a term we all use and do not understand? According to the dictionary, it is the adoption of technology to transform your business. Either by replacing non-digital processes with digital processes or replacing older technology with newer options. 

The recent virus overtook every factor of our lives, from how we communicate, socialize, process mentally, work, play, educate our children, see a doctor, and how live. Personal, professional, and everything in-between has changed dramatically from what our world knew a year ago.  

According to recent surveys done by McKinsey, the responses to COVID-19 have speeded the adoption of digital technologies by several years—and many of these changes could be here for the long haul. Many companies realize that how they respond to and implement technology is critical for their business. It's not just about saving money or becoming more efficient. Technology is becoming the foundation for how every business is running and how they operate.  

Digital transformation is so much more than investment in technology. It's investing in people and processes that drive change within your organization. It is an investment into your customer success and understanding that your customers are the heart of your business. Most organizations will rate their top priorities as digital transformation, cybersecurity, and cloud computing. But underneath every priority is also a goal. No matter how many goals your organization sets, every business's main underlying goal is to drive customers, drive growth, and increase revenue. Maybe you see a trend here? Every organization, every industry, large or small, has a customer. And when we all think about our primary business goal of 2021, it is likely to involve some form of driving revenue by increasing the customer base, increasing repeat business, and increasing your customer experience.  

So, is it fair to say that every digital transformation revolves around your customer? Technology will increase productivity, help your business become more efficient, drive overall customer satisfaction, increase productivity, decrease shipment wait times, increase cybersecurity, and allow your business to do more for your customers.  

Technology is involved every second of every day. It is here to stay. Yes, it can give you the upper hand over your competition, but 80% of organizations fully know, understand, and implement changes to their technologies because of it. But in a time of crisis, when everyone is leaning on people around them for reassurance and guidance, the technology you have is not going to be enough. It is about the people you find to operate your technology that will truly set you apart from your competition.  

Digital transformations end with your customer experience, growth, revenue, and increase customer base, but where does it start? We all know why we need to transform our businesses digitally; what happens if we do not embrace the changes, but what most do not know is how. How do we get from point A to point B? Start with making the correct first step. Hire a Value-Added Reseller. A VAR is a company that adds features or benefits to a service or solution that already exists in the market but resells it as a complete product and turn-key solution.  

Single Source Systems is a Value-added reseller for many ERP Software solutions, but we go far beyond just selling you a product. We will generate a complete solution. We will help you find a solution based on your business needs and goals, and our number one priority in the service industry for 35 years has always been our customers. If we do not fully believe that the solution is right for your business needs, we will not sell it to you! We have completed many services from ERP implementations, consulting, programming, and resolving technical issues. We understand the importance of digital transformation because relationships drive results. Many of our tools and technologies have changed over the years. Still, we never lose sight of the fact that we do our best work by creating relationships, investing in understanding our customers' businesses, and fostering connections that go far beyond the order. We are in every business relationship for the long haul and are only interested in building customer relationships based on shared goals, trusted collaboration, and mutual respect. And if we cannot drive all three within the connection with your business, we will not drive any. Customers are the heart of our business and the nature of every digital transformation. Still, all of it starts with the people you entrust to implement, educate, and transition your turn-key digital transformation.  

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