Nutritional supplement manufacturers can also benefit from ERP

July 27th, 2014

All types of businesses rely on enterprise resource planning software, especially companies in manufacturing industries. Natural Products Insider contributor Jay Deakins recently suggested that an ERP implementation can greatly benefit nutritional supplement manufacturers, providing a tool that easily adapts to changing conditions. He noted, however, that not all ERP suites offer such valuable flexibility.

"It's important to find a solution that provides a strong foundation and framework for establishing repeatable and scalable business procedures, and for creating an operational environment that is primed for change. The alternative is an ill-fitting ERP system that adds unnecessary complexity and inhibits flexibility and growth," Deakins explained.

This last point highlighted by Deakins is exactly what any business, regardless of its particular industry, should try to avoid. Sadly, many companies select the most affordable software, even if it does not necessarily support their unique markets, over more expensive suites that do. If firms are constantly customizing their ERP tools, it will make life challenging for end-users and may require an entirely new system in the near future.

Decision-makers should take them when time choosing ERP software since when successful, these tools deliver functionality for a broad range of operations critical to daily workloads.

Deakins noted that ERP enables businesses to collect and manage data from multiple departments, including sales, production, accounting, and purchasing sectors. ERP allows critical information to be viewed throughout the entire organization.

Global ERP industry improving consistently

The demand for ERP software is reaching new highs, a sign that a variety of industries, especially manufacturing fields, are planning deployments on a global scale. A TechNavio report predicted that the worldwide ERP market will expand at a compound annual growth rate of roughly 6.3 percent between 2013 and 2018.

The research firm explained that ERP systems support various business processes, including distribution, inventory control, manufacturing, product planning, and development. Some suites are stand-alone systems, while others are embedded platforms.

Achieving a successful ERP implementation, however, is no easy task, as studies have shown. Firms that are able to accomplish this goal benefit greatly from a system that improves employee productivity, collaboration, and sales and supports reduced business process cycles and more streamlined operations, TechNavio said.

Typical crowd leading ERP market forward

ERP implementations may not always be consistent when it comes to their success, but what is steady is the vendor leadership in this burgeoning field. Infor solutions have become some of the very best ERP software on the market, attracting tens of thousands of clients to partner with Infor, which is not the largest service provider out there, but one that understands its customers inside and out.

Infor is also not a one-trick vendor regarding its clientele, either. The service provider supports a broad range of industries - a necessity for businesses planning an implementation. If the partner does not fully understand a particular field, the chances of a successful deployment drop significantly.

Deakins emphasized the advantages of a successful ERP suite, explaining the solution offers long-term flexibility.

"Technology, system structure, and industry focus are three key indicators that may help determine whether or not the systems being evaluated will provide the tools needed to enable this evolution, and ultimately help them achieve growth," Deakins concluded.

Organizations regardless of industry, that want to get their next ERP implementation right from the start should contact Infor to create a successful roadmap. TechNavio listed Infor as one of the vendors expected to lead the charge for the ERP industry during its forecast, proving the service provider has staying power in this expanding field.

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