In 2017, Single Source is Ready for Takeoff

January 21st, 2017

Here at Single Source, at the beginning of each year, we gather to review the previous year’s successes and failures. After this reflection, we look ahead to the future and choose a motivational theme to help us stay focused in the upcoming year. The theme concisely expresses our direction and the strategic meaning behind the road ahead. Our themes usually incorporate a short motto and picture to rally around, serving as a reminder of our primary goals and objectives.

In 2016, the Single Source mantra was “Building the Plane.” Key initiatives included improving internal processes and documentation, as well as launching new products such as IncentViz. We extended our number of technology partnerships, forging relationships with companies including Pacejet, Altec, and FusionRMS.


Within these partnerships, Single Source has developed technology that interfaces between Pacejet's enterprise shipping functionality and Infor’s CloudSuite Industrial. Our relationship with Altec allowed us to develop an interface that provides Document Management to Infor’s CloudSuite Industrial and Infor Service Management. Similarly, we have connected FusionRMS Point-of-Sale functionality with Infor Service Management (Syteline).

Sales & Marketing

2016 was a busy year in Sales & Marketing, making an effort to heighten awareness of our products and services within the Infor Partner Network and Infor Customer Communities. We believe there is a great, and sometimes under-recognized, opportunity for synergy between the Infor Partner Channel and Customer User groups. There aren’t many ERP solutions in the market that have such a collaborative group of partners with deep expertise. Over the years, we have been active supporters and participants in User Network and Channel Partner Events.

Structural Updates

Single Source has been in business for 30 years, but we still carry a start-up mentality. Our company has seen much change over the years, experiencing growth in 2016. While exciting, it required a commitment to updating and redeploying our structure. In order to position ourselves for future success, we devised updated procedures and invested in training new employees. Single Source’s President and Board of Advisors recognized the need for expanded management leadership programs and mentoring. We worked with executive coach Marc Konseco of Tack Coaching to complete the executive coaching program in the first half of 2016. This led to tremendous immediate results and is an investment we will be able to use for years to come.

Looking Ahead to 2017

The idea of “Building the Plane” flows naturally from one of our past success drivers: answering the call of the market. Single Source has responded quickly to new market demands in areas including new software development and services offerings. To create these product offerings and serve additional clients, we needed to finish building the plane that would take us to the next level.

Our chosen theme for 2017 is “Ready for Takeoff.” This symbolizes our core identity as an organization. We have laid a foundation of successful achievements including the launch of IncentViz, completion of Industry Bundles centered around the Industrial Equipment and Parking industries, and the development of updated policies. Now, Single Source is in a position to capitalize on hard work from the last 12 months. We have the plane, and we’re ready to go up, up, and away! While it is impossible to predict the future economic climate, we are optimistic that Single Source is poised and ready for whatever lies ahead. We look forward to controlled growth, facilitated by our new structure, as we expand the footprint of products and services we built in 2016!

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