6 Ways a Better IT Solution Can Help Your Company Flourish

April 23rd, 2018

Of the thousands of companies we’ve worked with, we have seen many cobbling together IT solutions that just aren’t working for them. Though often very manual and inefficient, these systems may seem “good enough” and easier in the short term than making a big change. But unfortunately, they inhibit a company's growth in the long term.

Your choice of ERP has a big impact on your organization’s future direction, for better or worse. It reaches virtually every area of your business, affecting more than just performance today. Like good soil for a young plant, a modern software solution is a solid foundation for your company’s success and growth, bringing you closer to achieving your corporate goals. Here are the many ways an upgrade can help your company flourish:

1. Saves Time

Homegrown systems require more effort for completing what should be simple tasks or accessing certain data. The time that your employees spend maneuvering across a variety of platforms is time they are not spending pursuing new customers or otherwise contributing to the business. Running on an ERP system that is unreliable or has erratic outages slows everything down.

2. Cuts Costs

Inefficient systems mean you are losing money and sucking up resources that could otherwise be invested in future growth. Older systems can be increasingly costly to maintain, requiring frequent modifications with limited software provider support. Though an updated system's initial outlay may seem daunting, it can pay for itself surprisingly quickly!

3. Boosts Communication

Seamlessly integrated ERP systems foster dialog and problem-solving. In this open environment, employees are on the same page about data and where they fit into the big picture. Team members can work together productively. Employees can see into different areas of the company and reach out to experts in those other business units if they are working on a large-scale project.

4. Offers Strategic Guidance

Without full visibility and integration, how can you know where to strategically focus? Comprehensive analytics are important when making a future road map, and visibility is vital to analyzing business performance. It's the difference between seeing the trees or seeing the forest.

5. Assists with Acquisition Integration

Better software allows you to be better prepared for growth through acquisitions. Acquisitions are complicated enough without worrying about how to cobble more pieces onto an already complicated system. Instead, you can smoothly scale a well-oiled ERP to handle more users and business units.

6. Smoothes Future Upgrades

Making changes to homegrown systems can be complicated and have adverse effects on the overall process. Switching to a fully integrated ERP system may seem complicated now, but you will make life easier down the road.  

- - -

Don’t let homegrown solutions hamper your company's potential any longer. If your current system doesn’t let you aim higher, you deserve one that will. If the above benefits resonate with you, our customer Resolute Industrial was in the same boat! With its large workforce of technicians, huge inventory of parts, and fleet of vehicles and mobile equipment, optimizing efficiency was crucial for productivity and profitability. In our case study, learn more about how Infor Service Management was the solution they needed. 

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