The top benefits of successful ERP deployments

January 28th, 2014

Businesses that achieve a successful enterprise resource planning (ERP) launch are in line to experience a number of great advantages that will benefit them moving forward. Manufacturing Business Technology contributor Bob Vormittag recently highlighted the consequences of a smooth ERP implementation.

One of the best reasons for organizations to use ERP software is to address compliance needs. Vormittag explained that ERP solutions are valuable for industries that must track all business processes, thanks to the solution's record-keeping functionality. This helps companies make sure all regulations are being followed at every step.

In addition to ERP tools, customer relationship management (CRM) solutions are also popular throughout the corporate sector. Vormittag noted that ERP systems enhance the availability of data across different departments, improving response time as a result.

Much of the advancement of ERP, in general, has involved the integration of innovative elements such as cloud computing, analytics, and social and mobile tools. According to Vormittag, these solutions can help businesses foster improved interactions throughout the entire firm.

A successful ERP implementation can also result in a boost in productivity and less likelihood of operational errors. Vormittag added that the automation functionality of ERP allows organizations to focus more on generating revenue and fostering customer interactions than on other areas.

Why not get it right the first time?

Businesses should do all they can to make sure their next ERP deployment goes off without a hitch. Otherwise, they may have to exert more time, money, and effort replacing or customizing the software to gain the functionality they crave.

Taryn Cromie, sales manager of HansaWorld South Africa, said the ERP implementation process is especially critical for growing companies that expect to be larger in the near future.

"That's because the selection of an ERP solution capable of meeting the needs of a relatively young, growing business, yet which is capable of scaling to a 500-plus employee concern, will mean your system can grow seamlessly with the organization," Cromie explained.

There is also a major incentive for organizations that are able to have a successful ERP deployment from day one, according to Cromie. Firms should want their next software launch to effectively be their last.

"You don't want to reach a point where it is necessary to throw out the time, money, and effort invested in an initial ERP system, only to spend it all over again on a new one. With the right choice, you buy once and keep growing," Cromie concluded.

The ERP market is a highly competitive one, with major vendors vying for positions in a growing industry. Infor solutions are some of the leading options in this space and are a great choice for organizations in various fields. The service provider's software is used by tens of thousands of clients worldwide, making Infor a leading alternative for firms planning deployment in the near future.

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