Single Source Productivity Tools for SyteLine and ISM

July 24th, 2016

Productivity Tools by Single Source extend the value of Infor ERP SyteLine or Infor Service Management (ISM), providing efficiency-enhancing solutions to match a company’s unique needs. For SyteLine ERP v8.02 and higher, as well as ISM 4.20 and higher, Productivity Tools include several enhancements designed to improve the user experience and improve the system administrator's efficiency.

Background Email Queue Setup

Simplify the administration and maintenance of all your background jobs. Our Background Email Queue Setup screen and Email Task Maintenance screen allow administrators to see what reports are running and manage the users receiving these reports on a simple screen.

Record Cap Utility

Have you ever had trouble finding a record only to find out that it was located beyond the 200 records initially displayed? In standard SyteLine, every time a user logs in, they have to change their record cap setting. With our Record Cap Utility, you can easily set record caps and drop-down limits by group or by a specific user.

System Information

Various information about the system is available on some screens and within SQL Server. Sometimes, however, a System Administrator just wants an easier way to view what is going on in their system. We have created a set of forms to bring things together in one place for an administrator to be able to see those details easier.

  • Background Task Information - Analysis showing a summary of background tasks and how they are performing, Detail status of background task history records, Queue showing a listing of records on the active background task form.
  • Server Information - Quickly and easily see information about your SQL Server and the Databases that are housed on that server.
  • SQL Jobs - What Jobs do you schedule on a specific SQL Server? What is the history of them running? Their schedule? Details of what they do?
  • Table Information - Which table is taking up the most space in your database? How many rows are in a specific table? What indexes are on a table? This screen can answer all of these questions.

Productivity Tools for ISM has some additional features:

  • CRM Dashboard - See all of your opportunities and leads on one dashboard. On one screen you can view your customer contracts, service orders, and sales orders. The dashboard allows you to display, sort and export all this information. The CRM Dashboard gives sales and management the ability to quickly view all opportunities, orders, and contracts for your customers. Sales will want to work in the dashboard and use the New Lead and New Opp buttons to quickly open the Leads and Opportunities screens. No need to open multiple screens for information and activities.
  • Partner Analysis - The Partner Analysis screen allows managers to quickly review each partner's productivity in hours worked and billed. This information can be viewed by day, week, month, or year. You can review the productivity by an individual partner or by the department. Hours, cost, price, and averages are all reported in the Partner Analysis screen.
  • Project Status Reporting - Give your project managers the ability to easily maintain and manage multiple SROs for one project. Quickly see the hours worked and billed against a project, how the project compares to the estimated hours, and the number of hours left until the project is complete. You have the ability to link multiple SROs and designate change orders. The Project Status Reporting tool will show all linked SROs and change orders on one report and calculate totals for the entire project. This report is exported to excel and you can share the details with project managers, staff, and your customer.
  • Alternate Standard Reports - The standard toolset comes with reports that can be customized to suit the customer's needs. With this form, users can choose between standard and alternate reports that have been created to improve the output of Order and Invoicing related printouts.
  • Formatted Emails for Customer Document Profiles - This allows users to improve the output of emails created with the Customer Document Profiles.
  • Process Flows and Overview Forms - These forms show users the steps for various processes in ISM, such as Order Entry, Purchasing, Fixed Assets, etc. Many of the buttons on the overview forms can be double-clicked to drill into that specific process. These flows are a great tool for training new users or assisting users with steps of processes not performed on a regular basis.

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